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“Humans are hard-wired to think that men are more important.”

Vice-President of the Australian Society of Legal Philosophy, UNSW Scientia Professor Prue Vines, talks about women’s inequality, pulling power levers and changing the world (oh, and how she used taekwondo to save her life).   By Reena Mukherjee and Nazla Sajed   In a tiny office tucked away on the second floor of the UNSW […]

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  By Clare Megahey and Kirsta Cheung Pete Malicki doesn’t dress the way you’d expect one of Australia’s most successful theatre directors and playwrights to, but his 90-hour work week leaves him little time to shop. The Short + Sweet festival’s International Literary Manager attended Sydney’s Sunday night session in ripped denim jeans and slightly-worn […]

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Patriot leader wants to keep Australia “beautiful”

Patriot leader wants to keep Australia “beautiful” By Michael Cadelina and Jill Tengco Mitch’s anti-Islamic views emerged a few years ago in the smoker’s area on the second level of a local pub in Newcastle. Him and his then-girlfriend sat having a chat with, what seemed like, a friendly Sudanese immigrant. Not long after, the […]

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To whoever said the youth today don’t work hard

FOR PUBLICATION: UNSW DIGITAL JOURNALISM ONLINE MAGAZINE By Lana Ryu and Angela Chui Lily Wu The classic image of a university student. Sleep deprived, broke, tired, young person who is always wearing a hoodie. Sitting upright and wide-awake on a Friday morning, UNSW Business School undergraduate student Lily Wu defies these beliefs as the leader […]

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Artist Angela Tiatia making waves with personal art

By Demi Ball and April Maung When Samoan artist Angela Tiatia broke a forbidden cultural taboo, the reactions were mixed. She had revealed her malu, a traditional female tattoo, in an artwork entitled ‘Walking the Wall’. “It’s quite subversive to, and forbidden, to show that in public…especially (in) the traditional community, it’s considered a really […]

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The Brit-rock inspired sisters from Mollymook: Clews

By: Lydia Wong, Josh Trapp and Miray Bakaroglu Criminal lawyer by day, and music diva by night. For university student Lily Richardson, lead singer of the emerging band CLEWS, this is about to become reality. With only two singles to their name, sisters Lily and Grace Richardson form the extremely fresh band, Clews. Recently signed […]

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Weaving Her Own Story

By Pema Bakshi and Cheryl Till In a world where fashion moves at the speed of light, Jaslyn Swavley sits peacefully with her worn knitting needles in a handmade getup. Raised on the North Shore, she is the calmest 19-year-old and it is infectious. Donning a breezy floral dress and makeup-free skin, the UNSW student […]

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The Story of Her Mind

When Veronica O’Mara started blogging about her experiences with mental health a year ago, she never imagined that her words would reach thousands, let alone have the impact that they do today. At only twenty-one years old, O’Mara is already taking a stance on mental health within the Sydney community and has created a platform […]

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The road to #enough

By Rizna Mutmainah z5142434 and Kate Quinn z5114887 Striding into the cafe with her cream-coloured clothes, Gucci shoes, pixie haircut and a smile, businesswoman Suzy Jacobs hopes to make a change. Her eyes light up as she shares her ambitions of starting a new feminist movement and hashtag called #Enough. The November project is in collaboration […]

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Becoming Pomara Fifth: giving back through drag

By Sarah Carroll and Madeleine Thomas Spectrum, Sydney Morning Herald  Indigenous, gay, cancer-survivor, bullying victim, drag queen: Brad Kennedy seems to tick the boxes of someone many would consider to be marginalized.But, sitting in the dimly lit Diva Bar at Stonewall Hotel, wearing a sequined jumpsuit and a voluminous black wig, Brad’s alter ego, Pomara Fifth, […]

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Hanging up the hiking boots

Norbu Tenzing: the young man from a famous family, with a mountain of reasons why he won’t be following the path climbed by many before him. By Grace Robinson-Tagg and Callum O’Donnell   Many of us would say that we have big shoes to fill when it comes to the achievements of our predecessors. Some […]

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Not just the newsletter guy: A Sydney artist’s double life

BY EMMA SOWTER AND LUBNA SHERIEFF     Though he has created over sixty plays, performances and dance works featured across Australia, won the Woodford Poetry Slam in 2011, qualified for the Australian Nimbin Poetry World Cup in 2011 and 2012, and released three EPs of storytelling, spoken word and music, most only recognise Tom […]

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Sharing Stitches for Riches

Gone are the days of designer threads being reserved for the super wealthy or the genetically blessed – Sarah MacDonald and Jackson Eldridge speak with entrepreneur Roxy Lehmann about the rising trend of designer dress hire. By Sarah MacDonald and Jackson Eldridge     When Roxy Lehmann began hiring dresses out of her spare bedroom […]

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Dr Susanne Schmeidl: A Life of Atonement

By Maggie Hill and Shannon Graddon In the way that Germany renounced its dark history to become a key figure in international peacemaking, Allgoi born Dr Susanne Schmeidl has carried the memory of her Grandfather, a Nazi Commandant of an occupied city in France, from Mexico to Afghanistan. In redefining her personal identity, Susanne like […]

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Making Her Mark: The Life of an Aussie, Arab Advocate

Abby Butler and Paddy Jow It’s almost easy to miss Amna Karra-Hassan as she walks down a Strathfield shopping strip. Dressed in jeans and thongs, her hair wrapped in a beige hijab, it isn’t until the self-described “Aussie Arab Muslim” begins to speak that you realise why she has been named as one of Western […]

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Katy B Plummer: fearsome feminist takes on Willoughby Incinerator Artspace

By Tina Wu and Helen Huang Artist, mother, educator: Northern Beaches local Katy B Plummer isn’t afraid to show some teeth in her multimedia video installations. Having recently exhibited at the Willoughby Incinerator Artspace, Katy talks about her struggles as a woman in society and how she has decided to hit back – literally. “Violent” […]

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Defying the odds: Maria Gallo’s story

Hannah Yang & Alexandra Thompson For publication in The Wentworth Courier: Maria’s in-laws own a duo of popular restaurants in Elizabeth Street, Paddington (Cipri Italian and Barbetta Cucina). Her and her sister, Rose, are well known in the area. In 2003, 26-year-old childcare worker, Maria Gallo, woke from a 17-day coma, after being run over […]

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Ellie’s Short Row to Success

Phoebe Anderson z5116842 and Olivia Seller z5115661   Ellie’s Short Row to Success When you first meet Ellie Larnach, you may think she’s your typical twenty-year-old student; hitting the books and going out with her friends. Although partly true, Ellie is a determined athlete who has achieved a successful breakthrough in surfboat rowing, pushing her […]