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Changing lives with pro bono, one step at a time

Written by Emily Cook and Tania Tan John Corker, CEO of the Australian Pro Bono Centre, has a line of career highlights including helping the Aboriginal people attain their first media license. He shared about his contribution to them gaining their first radio station, including CAAMA radio and 8KIN radio, which were broadcasted in Aboriginal […]

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Terry O’Connell – “Change is not possible in your own comfort zone”

It has been 18 years since Terry O’Connell left the police force, yet his fight for real justice continues. By Katelyn Wood Hidden away in the mountain ranges of New South Wales is Terry O’Connell’s family home. It’s peaceful and warm, much like Terry himself. A Churchill Fellow and recipient of an Order of Australia, […]

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Confronting Visions

CONFRONTING VISIONS 1196 words   According to Andres Serrano the depiction of the world is meant to be an uncomfortable sacrament, just don’t call this artist provocateur a photographer, reports STEPHEN HILL     Having depicted everything from morgue bodies, the Klu Klux Klan to a crucifix in urine, veteran visual artist Andre Serrano has […]