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Driverless Cars: Will They Make A Positive Change?

Driverless cars are the new pieces of technology set to impress the world with their abilities. With reliable computer-automated responses to situations on the road, driverless cars aim to eradicate car accidents completely. However, how do ordinary drivers feel about the changes these new technologies will definitely make?

Kevin Chen, aged 16, Campsie

“[In driverless cars], the person doesn’t have to drive but pretty sure they have to put their hands on the wheel just in case the computer fails.

[Driverless cars are] pretty good, computers will definitely minimize accidents compared to humans. But what happens if the car is going to crash? What’s going to happen there? It’s going to be really confusing for some people”.


Maud Tse, aged 48, Burwood

“I’ve heard [about driverless cars] from my friends. Driverless cars mean that no one drives the car and it’s all done by computers.

At the moment, I don’t think [driverless cars] will make a positive [change] because technology is not good. I heard that a lot of accidents [have] happened in America so I don’t think it’s a safe thing at this moment, but in the future I think there will be this trend.”


Simon Tse, aged 56, Burwood

“There’s some news from Google, but it’s negative. Accidents [with driverless cars], they [have] happened before.

I’m not sure, I think for the coming ten years, [these technologies] won’t work because when cars are driving, their reactions cannot be like humans. So I’m not sure if it’ll work… for the next ten years, I don’t think [driverless cars] will work.”


Vicky Wu, aged 20, Strathfield

“[Driverless cars] suck. Because there are still accidents with driverless cars.

Right now, I don’t believe [that driverless cars will make a positive change in the driving community] because humans are the ones making it and I don’t trust people so we’ll see if it actually happens.”