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Shear cruelty

By Venice Warner

The deaths of 2400 sheep during live exports to the Middle East due to shocking conditions including overcrowding and lack of food and water, has divided public opinion over whether live exports should be banned.

Nicole Binet


Nicole Binet, 50, a model from Balgowlah, said: “The export of live sheep should be banned, it should be an immediate ban, not a phasing out. It’s incredibly cruel, I think it’s very unethical and animals are sentient beings so they would sense that they are travelling to their death.”




UNSW student Julius


Julius, 22, a student from Vaucluse, said: “I think it’s a pretty blatant animal rights question; it should be banned because it’s disgusting the conditions they are kept in.”





While some people believe a ban is necessary, others think the trade should continue but stronger regulations are needed.

Lachlan Twose


Lachlan Twose, 19, a student from Killarney Heights, said: “Live sheep exporting should be banned unless the practices are improved upon. When it’s done right it’s good for agriculture and easier to transport because you don’t have to worry about refrigeration. But it’s not often done right which means it’s unethical.”




UNSW student Charlie


Charlie, 22, a student from Vaucluse, said: “I don’t think it should be banned because it’s a really big part of our agricultural industry. There should be more regulations on how the animals are treated in the export process, rather than just chucking them on a boat and hoping they get there alive.”




Noah Anderson


Noah Anderson, 19, a student from Caringbah South, said: “It’s pretty inhumane but I don’t think you can ever stop it because obviously it’s a needed export so I think the best way to do it would be to regulate it more because if you try to stop it all together it’ll become a black market deal and we don’t want that.”




Kerrie Robinson


Kerrie Robinson, 49, an operations manager at Qantas from Caringbah, said: “I’m not against the export of live animals, but I do believe they need to be transported in a kind and humane way. I work in the freight industry and the sheep are sent on aircrafts so they get to their destination quickly, there’s a vet from the Department of Agriculture present to make sure all the animals are treated nicely.”