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Jobs that come with trauma

Vicarious Trauma is described as the transformation in a therapist or other worker, as a result of working with clients’ traumatic experiences.


With occupations in fields of social work, medical services, law enforcement and victim services, vicarious trauma is common.


Here’s what University Students, both law and non-law, had to say about this issue.



First Year Law Student at UNSW, Alicia said:

“I never think debriefing is enough because a lot of issues require follow up.”


“Often in the legal system and in any system in general they don’t have the resources which to do that but I think that its wort putting resources into.”


“You could think you’ve fixed a problem with your debrief but it will emerge again later.”



Second Year Engineering Student at UNSW, Ash

“There should be more [help for mental health issues]…a psychologist or psychiatrist in the company”



Third Year Comm/Law Student, Haya

“To some extent” the way professionals go about vicarious trauma is effective.


“I think that counselling is not always the correct method…it can trigger a lot of unfortunate events and emotion.”


“More direct approach to it [vicarious trauma].”


“Greater focus on the trauma that individuals face and more recognition of the traumatic events they go through.”


“The law definitely needs to take into consideration of how each individual can create such an impact in society.”