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A Driverless Future

With modern day cars moving us towards a possible driverless future the real-time impact this can have on our society is yet to be seen. We took to the streets of Sydney to see what concerned people most about a driverless road.

Fernando Moraes

Fernando Moraes is 23-years-old from São Paulo in Brazil.

“In my opinion no, I prefer someone behind the wheel… It’s like any machine like your phone sometimes it doesn’t work” But he’s optimistic about the future of driverless cars saying, “we’ll have to see first before we judge.”

Laura Acevedo

Laura Acevedo 28-years-old from Columbia.


“Most of the people [in the taxi industry] will lose their jobs so it’s going to be hard but at the same time it’s going to be good for other people.”

Actually no, I would take one to try it but i’d probably prefer to drive myself.”

Flore Boscher


Flore Boscher is 23-years-old from Normandie France

“I find it weird and maybe dangerous… People are getting used to just doing nothing… Whose fault is it when you get into an accident”

Galadriel Perrinaud



Galadriel Perrinaud 22-years-old from La Rochelle, France

“I think it’s a good idea… it might be scary, but I really think it could be good and useful.” When it came to safety Perrinaud was cautiously optimistic, “I do trust engineers… but it’s a hard question because people might be scared of not having control over it.”