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Driverless cars: an uncertain future

The implementation of driverless cars is fast approaching modern society, yet this reality is a daunting concept for many.


There is great concern that the responsibility of vehicle safety should not be left to a computer.


Name: Corey Ross

Age: 21 years old

Suburb: North Curl Curl, NSW

Occupation: Engineer Apprentice

“I think they are a good idea but personally I would rather not have them, because I would rather be in control of my vehicle, as vehicles are weapons.”


Name: Patricia O’Keefe

Age: 54

Suburb: South Coogee

Occupation: CAD Drafter

“I’m not quite sure how they could be safe.”


“No I wouldn’t feel comfortable in a driverless vehicle as a passenger.”


“I think I’d have to have the technology explained to me and see it in action before I could embrace it.”


Name: Griff O’Keefe

Age: 53

Suburb: South Coogee

Occupation: Naval Engineer

“At this stage I’m not really in favour as I don’t think enough technology has been expended into the program.”


“I think there’s still too much risk involved in this endeavour, but hopefully in twenty years time we may have progress.”


Interviewer: “Would you drive them in the future?”

“Well we won’t be driving coz there driverless, but if it’s proven technology, yes.”

Name: Megan Lacey

Age: 20

Suburb: North Curl Curl

Occupation: Student

“I think that they’re a good concept, but it’s also kind of scary because you hear about artificial intelligence and things like that and its very frightening I guess.”


“You hear about the driverless cars and how they value the person-inside-the-cars’ life more than people outside of the car. So if they’re driving and the … car sees that there is potential for them to run into a tree … or run into another person and then save the person inside the car, they’ll run over the other person.”