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Driverless cars: thoughts?

Tanisha Stanton and Madi Howarth

It’s now a reality to control your home with your voice and turn off lights and other electronics when you’re not even home. With that in mind, driverless may not be too far-fetched.

In fact, three of the top car manufacturers; Tesla, Volvo and BMW are already working on driverless ca
rs. So, with the safety of our roads always a hot topic, would driverless cars make roads safer?

We took to the streets of Randwick to find out what the public thinks about the reality of driverless cars.


Name: Jessica Ryan
Age: 19 years old
Suburb: Kingsgrove, NSW
Occupation: Woolworths

“I think it’s a cool idea and will have lots of benefits in the future.”

“I think it will somewhat decrease the amount of crashes but technology can always have faults.”

“When they’re a bit more developed yeah I’d probably buy one.”


Name: Mitch Sweeney
Age: 30 years old
Suburb: Mt Annan, NSW
Occupation: Electrician

“It’s a good idea in a concept but in reality I don’t think
it’s going to work. I think the human reaction will supersede technology.”

“I don’t think they (roads) will be safer, I think the human factor, which plays a role in driving a car comes into account a lot more using technology.”

“No, I probably wouldn’t buy one, I’d rather driver myself.”


Name: Leearna Williams
Age: 33 years old
Suburb: Brighton Le Sands, NSW
Occupation: Student Recruitment Officer at UNSW

“I think it would be cool but with people that have grown up driving cars it might scary not having control of their car.”

“In terms of it being safer, yes and no. I think it depends on how good the technology is and how much safety mechanisms they put in it.”

“Not sure if I’d buy one, depends how cheap they are and I’d have to test it out first.”


Name: Taman Gill
Age: 22 years old
Suburb: Brighton Le Sands, NSW
Occupation: Hockey coach at St Vincent’s College

“I think it’s pretty good because it’s more safe, the cars can stop. Machines are smarter than human.”

“Some companies are already working on it, Tesla already has driverless cars.”

“I’d definitely buy one.”


Name: Steven Healy
Age: 48 years old
Suburb: Parramatta, NSW
Occupation: Motor Mechanic

“Don’t know anything about them, I haven’t seen one. There is technology out there but they probably won’t come out.”

“I don’t know if I’d get one because I don’t know anything about them. If I was to get one I’d have to look into it first and see what it’s about.”