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Immigration: Your Say on 40 Million

With government reports estimating Australia’s population will rise to 40 million by 2050, almost twice the current population, opinions on immigration are at a soaring high.

It’s time to ask: What do Australians really think about our ‘boundless space to share?’

“I mean, it’s hard to talk about these things today. But I think the population doubling is a scary thing,” said 19 year old UNSW student Renee Li.

“Everything’s good within reason.”

“I do think Australia has plenty of space to share, though.”


UNSW student Renee Li.

UTS Law and Journalism student Jarin Hossain believes it’s up to the government to adequately handle rising populations, but that we should be a country open to migrants.

“I think it depends on how the government deals with that level of population. They need to secure jobs and make sure everyone has access to earn and sustain,” she said.

“The way we’re dealing with it right now… with detention centres is terrible. It’s wrong. We need to bring them here.”

“It always comes back to policy. Migrants are just looking for a brighter future.”

UTS student Jarin Hossain.

Sharing similar views is Law and International Studies student Sabrina Zaman. A believer in a more open Australia, she takes pride in these statistics.

“Much of my degree looks at these statistics, and I think it’s fine. I’m a big believer of the #bringthemhere movement. It’s crazy to think our government is keeping people offshore in those conditions,” she said.

“People who’ve fled persecution. People looking for a safer future. Australia needs to continue its ideals of multiculturalism and open arms.”

Nishat Mridha, a young woman from Western Sydney believes that although doubling the population will bring great changes, it is a necessary step.

“I mean, Sydney is really crowded. But we do have cities with a higher capacity. I definitely disagree with offshore detention centres. That kind of treatment isn’t deserved by anyone,” she said.

“It’s a step we need to take as a country and battle the changes it brings together.”