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“Im not going to lie, devastated i’ve lost my chances of being a princess but if its going to be anyone i’m happy with Meghan. She’s a divorced, mix-raced actress. 200 years ago that was enough to be beheaded, i’m lowkey loving that she’s going to be a part of the royally family and just turn it on its head.” – Annabel Arkins, 19, Paddington, Usyd Student


“I literally couldn’t care less. These people literally have zero impact on my life and I dont know why every app on my phone still feels the need to tell me about these billion dollar wedding. I love that Brexit will take a solid 5 years but a royal wedding, no worries done in 3 months” – Richard Charles, 57, Double Bay, Lawyer

“I heard they are spending $500,000 dollars on vintage champagne, bruh hit me with that invite.” – Ollie Ritchie, 21,Bondi, Film Maker.

“So so so happy for those gorgeous people. They so deserve this especially Harry, I just wish Diana was around to see it. How do i get an invite though?”

– Sophia Hollingshed, 20, BellevueHill, Student