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Road to a Driverless Reality

Safety has always been a concern for drivers past and present, but it seems the future is driverless. We asked the people of Sydney who is safer in the streets: a person or a self-driving machine?


Adam Chor, 25, cost planner, West Pennant Hills:

“Driverless cars take more rational decisions as it’s not influenced by emotions or tiredness…and don’t have to be trained up by inadequate teachers.”

“Although I don’t think driverless cars will be financially accessible for all citizens.”


Brian Kim, 36, mobile phone repairer, Strathfield:

“It depends…I saw some clips on YouTube, and some accidents the person cannot control, they control but can avoid.”

“Personally, humans can do more than the driverless cars.”


Samah Salami, 18, student, Strathfield:  

“If you were to have someone driving the car, they have as much effect to be dangerous as someone not driving the car.”

“People drink, but an autopilot guy’s not gonna be drinking.”


El-afraa Chouchane, 18, student, Strathfield:

“Technology stuffs up so many times, and we rely on technology so much.”

“The person might forget how to drive.”


Sarah Zreika, 20, student and casual worker, South Granville:

“I believe there will be a lower percentage rate of accidents, but then we can’t always trust technology.”

“Not everyone can possibly afford them.”