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Vox Pop: Self-Driving Cars

Vox Populi: Driverless Cars

Hotly debated in tech-corners and headlining geek media, driverless cars and the views surrounding their transition to day-to-day vehicles is facing more and more prominent exposure. Recently revealed to the public, Tesla’s unfortunate incident with one of the test cars saw mass opinion sway in favour of them being seen as fiery deathtraps.

‘I’ve read about other accidents that have happened, but honestly, it would make it much easier to get around and it would make the roads safer as we get to that point with the technology,’ American UNSW student Gunnar commented.

Locals showed a substantial lack of concern for the people and item transporting jobs that will be lost in the wake of this technological overhaul. International student Joe casually remarks through puffs of cigarette smoke: ‘The industry will change, and if jobs are lost there, they will be made up in the new regulation industry of this technology, auto-driving cars’.

‘The moral dilemmas will have to be based in, how they are developed, and that’s where I’d have my doubts, I suppose’, local resident Gabriel says, skateboard and backpack casually slung to the side of the step he was sitting on.

As regulations change and we begin to see these cars properly tested before hitting the road, perhaps we will see peoples’ opinion of these self-driving cars change to be more optimistic. For the time being, though, it seems people still prefer to have their own hands on the wheel. Remember, keep them at 10 and 2.