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Who’s taking the wheel?: Yay or nay for driverless cars

The question used to be ‘how much you might trust someone with your life?’, now, the questions is how much you trust a car that drives for you! Also known as driverless cars, or, autonomous cars, these vehicles are now able to use cutting-edge technology to function just like you behind the wheel. Here’s what people think.


Q: Do you think driverless cars are safer than a person driving a car?

“I reckon they’re safer. Driverless cars take more rational decisions are it’s not influenced by emotions or tiredness. They don’t even have to be trained up… by inadequate teachers hahaha.”

Adam Chor (25), cost planner.

West Pennant Hills, NSW.



“I think it can go both ways like if you were to have people driving a car, they have as much effect to be dangerous as someone who’s not driving a car… People drink, and the auto-pilot-guy is not gonna be drinking. But then again, technology, it stuffs up so many times, and we rely on technology so much.”

El-afraa Chouchane (18) and Samah Salami (18), high school students.

Strathfield, NSW.


“It depends, I saw some clips on YouTube and some accidents actually, where the person cannot control but manage to avoid somehow. Personally, humans can do more than the driverless cars, that’s what I believe.”

Brian Kim (36), mobile phones repair.

Strathfield, NSW.


“Majority of accidents happen when someone is behind the wheel, but because they are tired or drunk. But then we cannot trust technology because there will be a defect or faultiness in the technology.”

Sarah Zreika (20), student/casual worker.

South Granville, NSW.