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Bike Sharing in Sydney: “It’s just a kind of way wasting resources!”

When we look around the city, there is always a sharing bike in our sight. In these few years, more and more sharing bikes companies started operating their business in Sydney. It is not hard to borrow one around the corner. But seriously, who have tried this service before? Is it really necessary to have such amount of these bikes in our city? We have looked for some answers from the public.

“I should say I never use it (sharing bike),” Serena, a 21-year old student from UNSW said. “You know what, even though I am living near the university, I still don’t have any interest in using it. I have seen one which is full of dust. It seems a bit broken as well.”

“How could I have such confidence to use it that may affect my safety!”

“It (bike sharing) is a good idea but the service is not well-operated under those companies,” Michelle, a 34-year-old banker who moved to Sydney a few years ago, said. “I went back to China last month, improvement is obviously needed in here (Sydney).”

“In China, the coverage of bike sharing network is very wide and the bikes look safer. There are always some helpers in tidying up all these bikes and put them back to the right place. Bike sharing companies (in Sydney) could make a reference from it.”

“I usually see these bikes (sharing bikes) not on the road, but on the tree. Sometimes, it was in the river!” Naomi, a 32-year-old tutor who are living in Redfern currently, blamed to us about these bikes. “Honestly, if they (bike sharing companies) continue to allow these issues happen, it’s just a kind of way wasting resources!”

“Is it really the bike for sharing? Or just the bike for acrobatics?”

*Interviewees did not want to be photographed*