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Driverless cars expected to be on Australian roads soon.

What are your thoughts on driverless cars?

Brian, 59, Winston Hills, Hairdresser

I think they’re a really great concept. Driverless cars have a lot of benefits which are vital for our future. I think things like conserving energy and working towards a cleaner environment is something that’s being taken into consideration here.

Tony, 70, Baulkham Hills, Retired

They’re too far into the future. We won’t see them on our roads for decades and I don’t want to see them on our roads anyway. They are unsafe.

Peter, 70, Parramatta, Small Business Owner

I won’t believe it until I see it. I don’t think it’ll work it’s just too dangerous. But I believe one day technology will be advanced enough to pull it off.

Anthony, 45, Winston Hills, Lawyer

It will happen. I believe in 12 to 15 years they’ll be on the road. The technology isn’t proven yet and it’ll have to be 100% safe. I personally don’t believe in the concept, young people are already too distracted on the road, we don’t need any more road accidents than we have now.