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Driving an uncertain future

Driving an uncertain future


With the number of driverless cars increasing and causing accidents, society remains opposed and unsure on the future of transport.

Tory Magney, 52, Paddington, retired.


“I am pretty scared of them. I think they’re bullshit. Why wouldn’t I be? A driverless car? How absurd. Why would I trust a car driving around without a driver? One of the cars killed someone in the US a couple of months ago.”


Luca Aroney, 19, Bellevue Hill, UNSW Psychology student.


“I think the status quo of transport has always been faced with large amounts of inertia with the introduction of disruptive and innovative technology…Driverless cars have endless applications and use cases but need time in order to become a norm in the mainstream.”


Sam Haydon, 25, Rose Bay, Coffee Barister.


“I don’t really know enough about them at the moment to be honest but from what little I have read it seems they are the future, particularly for taxis and Uber and now other ride share companies. With the rise of these ride share apps, I think driverless cars will play an important role at some point in the future.”


Lucy Smith, 22, Paddington, financial advisor.


“I am not a huge fan. I am sure a lot people will be but I am not. I mean the real problem with them is that those cars have these really ugly sensors on the top so we are just going to have uglier cars on our roads which I’m not looking forward to.”