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Driving Blind

While the big technology corporations continue to explore driverless vehicles, there was much greater apprehension from a number of Sydney’s drivers. Griff O’Keefe (53) of South Coogee told us he would prefer to further research and development before the vehicles are put onto our streets.


“I don’t think enough technology has been expanded into the program. I think there is still too much risk involved in this endeavour.”


His reservations were held similarly by Corey Ross (21) of North Curl Curl, “I would much rather be in control of my own vehicle.”


For experienced drivers, the thought of sitting in their own vehicle, without direct control takes a lot of imagination. Patricia O’Keefe (54) told us, “I’m not quite sure how they’d be safe. I’d have to have the technology explained to me, and see it in action before I could embrace it.”


While being able to get from point A to point B without even putting one foot on the pedals may be the norm for Sydneysiders in the future, it must first get over the reservations toward it’s safety.


Megan Lacy (20), a student from Sydney’s Northern Beaches perhaps summed up this thought,


“I’ve heard that the car places preference on the life of the person in the car as opposed to those around them. I think they’re a good concept but it’s also kind of scary.”