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Tobacco prices increasing are creating a new black market

The price for cigarettes is set to sore to a $40 average, but that isn’t stopping people who come to the Western Suburbs to “scab” cigarettes.

At face value, last year’s changes to tobacco prices have shown to decrease smoking rates in Australia, yet many people are still figuring out ways to get their fix.

For example, OP, 29, from Penrith who lives off a pension says “That’s why I came to Blacktown to scab these, got 4 ciggies straightaway”.

This goes to show that despite the measures of the government to decrease smoking rates, most are willing to find different avenues.

However, the health effects still remain the top priority of non-smokers who are concerned about tobacco’s effect on the community.

Jasmine, 23, from Blacktown who is a student said “doing science I know a lot about the background of what smoking can do so if it’s not enough then I don’t know”.

Video links: – Jasmine, 23, Blacktown, Student – OP, 29, Penrith, Pensioner