Psychedelic Drugs To Improve Mental Illness Sufferers

Psilocybin is one of the key ingredients being used for the distribution of psychedelic therapy sessions “if you shut down all the freeways and highways, the brain has to make connections using other paths, its gotta take all the back streets” says Dr. Stephen Bright, the Vice President  from the Psychedelic Research In Science & […]


Move aside men! These women mean business.

Chantelle Rodrigues reports on the stories of two young, female entrepreneurs breaking the stereotypes of their male dominated industries. As the applause began to crescendo in the Dubai auditorium, she stood with her team, surprised, before the crowd, ‘utterly nervous’ and ‘ready to have a mini heart attack.’  She was buzzing with an overwhelming wave […]

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Men: The Silent Victims of Domestic Violence

By Reardon Palmer According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (‘ABS’), the rates of men experiencing domestic violence is rising each year but there is a concerning lack of services that are provided for male victims. “I am focused on providing more support to women and children escaping domestic violence.” This is what Prime Minister […]


Changing your mind, change your life

by Heibie Wai Aaryan Shah, a 17 years old boy born with Cerebral Palsy who finish his achievement with his disorders. Heibie Wai shares the story and the positives to people. A mountain climb journey is bustling with Aaryan Shah, his parents and supporters in the beautiful New South Wales snowy mountains, Mount Kosciuszko. In […]


Calligraphy – Ancient Art, Modern Faces

An individual sat motionless, staring at the blank page before him. The deafening silence of the basement studio was broken only when the brush first touched the paper. With perfect posture and unbroken concentration, his right hand moved in meticulous, swift motions to make art out of mere words. Mark Chan is a young calligrapher […]

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How Society is Failing Men in Abusive Relationships

By Michelle Sagredo Experts in the field agree that service-providers overlook the needs of male victims, despite an increase in men experiencing partner violence in the past decade. Greg Andresen, a Senior Researcher of the One in Three Campaign said, “Men reporting domestic violence are more likely than women to be disbelieved, ridiculed, misunderstood, have […]

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Have Facebook account, will travel – the social media trend supporting solo female travel

The support networks available through social media have seen the number of solo female travellers soar in the past five years. Globe-trotting has taken off among women in the era of social media. Having someone to go travelling with is no longer seen as a necessity when constant contact with family and friends via social […]

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Government’s next call of duty – subsidising the Australian games industry.

Video games are played by 70% of Australians and are worth $3 billion to the economy, so why has the government refused to subsidise the industry? Representatives for the games industry have become fed up with the lack of government support and have pointed to the generous subsidies provided to the film and television industries.  […]

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iPads- The Teacher’s New Pet… Peeves!

By Abhati Tarkunde With primary schools letting kids bring their own devices, a teacher’s job now entails being the tech guy, putting extra efforts into strengthening students’ fine motor skills, checking browser history and even charging up devices! “Students are almost attached to their devices, like an extension of their limb! It’s like they actually […]

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Is three-semester program is bad for the students?

The newly implemented three-semester system at UNSW has provoked strong sentiments from the majority of the students surveyed, some of them calling it dangerous for their future. By Aihua Dong. “It will affect the quality of teaching, it will put more pressure on the students, and many of us will not be able to work […]


Young artist, an ancient art form, and its young crisis

It is challenging for young artists in the ancient art field to break the stereotypes that only elderly people are interested in calligraphy and traditional paintings. Mark Chan is a 23 years old landscape architecture student at UNSW, and he is also the youngest members in the Chinese Calligraphy Association in Sydney. Mark Chan and […]

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Kate Wilson: More Than Just A Little Person

Paralympian UNSW Student on hating automatic doors, dwarfism discrimination, the Rio Olympics, and just being you. Watch the video package here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sAhAe3d4oe91Lht22F2O8jAwlx_M_v5U/view?usp=sharing Watch the additional video component here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Chp8N9yNTMPd2mL9dX0YucpLaeugYG04/view?usp=sharing

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Inside the issue of low ​percentage of female academic professors in Australia and China.

(intended for Newsworthy) While the percentage of female academic professors appears to have increased in Australia and China, the number is still lower than 50%, and that raises some serious concerns about gender equality in universities. By Xuewei Zheng While Australia ranks 35thout of 200 countries on the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) gender gap analysis, […]

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If the trimester system is “trimonster” 

By Siyuan He The so-called “trimonster” came into being under the University of Technology Sydney (UTS)’s policy of reducing its traditional 14-week semester to 11 weeks and adding a summer semester. Another university, the University of New South Wales (UNSW) has implemented trimesters in 2019. The move has been met with opposition. “Come on out and […]


Commuters still waiting in line for the 2019 light rail in 2022

Under construction since 2015, the NSW government’s Sydney CBD and South East Light Rail project deadline was originally early 2019. Completion has since been pushed to 2022, but commuters worry they’ll still be waiting. At 5:49am, an alarm rings in a dark bedroom in the Northern Sydney suburb of Whalan. Ashleigh Smith stirs for the […]

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When life chooses a different path

By Zoe Cox In the moment that dual Olympian runner Eloise Wellings felt her whole world crash down around her, a chance encounter with poverty-stricken Ugandan runner, Julius Achon, taught Eloise that her athletic ability does not define her. A breathless and exhausted Eloise Wellings strides back and forth on a cross-trainer inside the injury […]

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The Real Househusbands of Australia

While the wives and girlfriends of male athletes (or WAGs, as they’re known) were once found splashed across the entertainment pages, there’s a new class rising – the husbands and boyfriends of Australian sportswomen… and they’re here to even the playing field. For the most part, Ben Fenlon is an average 24-year-old guy. He studies […]

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Morrison’s cap on immigration leaves international students concerned

With the Australian Federal Elections just around the corner, anxiety is running high amongst international students, with the outcome of the election determining their futures. What was once irrelevant, is now a deciding factor in the future of over 350 000 international university students and their families seeking permanent residency in Australia’s major cities. The […]

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Dissociative Identity Disorder Online– Heroes in Disguise

One body, thirty personalities, sat in front of a camera, with a lot to show. Through the internet, individuals are dismantling misconceptions of Dissociative Identity Disorder whilst educating the community about it. Eyelids drooping, voice softening, body rocking back and forth… If you did not know better, you would have thought this girl is falling […]

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“What did you say? Could you please repeat that?”: Why overseas-born Australians are undergoing accent modification.

Does it really matter if we have an accent? By Adelle Glance-Wilson Over 40% of Australians are born overseas, however an influx of overseas-born professionals are choosing to undergo accent modification training to sound ‘more Australian’. How much does it really matter if we have an accent? There are concerns that the way we speak, […]

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Do They Know What We Know: Taking a Peek on IB’s Volunteer Program

By Maria Ekarista Good intentions, money and the desire to help are the essential elements for voluntourism, yet does it creates more harm than good? Voluntourism, a term smashed together from volunteer and tourism, is a form of service where individuals contribute their time to participate in voluntary work overseas. For most schools in Australia, […]

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Becoming Monolingual, A Threat to Community Language Schools

Being bilingual is common in Australia, it’s an advantage. But slowly, people seem to be losing that skill. “I know that I definitely did not like going to Chinese school and I was always trying to make up excuses not to go…I remember cheating on dictation every week Everyone in Australia normally speaks English anyway… […]