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D.I.Y Dying: Assisted Death for the living

Do-it-yourself euthanasia kits are being sold legally in Australia under the disguise of home brewing devices. By Abbey Farlow Max Dog Brewing is not what it looks like. It’s website is donned with pictures of friends enjoying beer together. The unknowing eye would mistake the site for an independent brewing company selling kits for the […]

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Independent Designers Fight The Goliath’s of The Fashion World

  By Jay Rickards As ‘fast fashion’ takes a stronghold as one of the world’s most profitable industries independent designers have been left feeling unjustly ripped off by retail giants stealing their designs. “Over the past year, Zara has been copying my artwork,” wrote independent designer Tuesday Bassen on Instagram in 2016. “I had my […]

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The Monstera: Creating Monsters in the Houseplant Industry

By Abbey Farlow (z5075317) Word Count: 1074 Made famous by French artist Henri Matisse in the 70’s, the Monstera Deliciosa remains one of the most revered and desired houseplants of the modern era. In contemporary society, the aesthetic appeal of its lush foliage has caught the eye of interior designers and plant lovers alike, resulting […]