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Indigenous hip hop: the movement that is just getting started

by Adamo De Nigris Artist Lady Lash is a prominent member of the indigenous hip hop community. Photo taken by Karina Marlow. Crystal Clyne Mastosavvas, known by her stage name Lady Lash, comes from Ceduna, on the west coast of South Australia. Male rapper ‘Ziggy Ramo’, also comes from a rural community, outside Perth in […]

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Internet: it can tear your life apart

by Oliver Kuskie Video game’s have become an addictive hobby. Photo by Oliver Kuskie. Drunk, freezing and sleeping in the back of a car without a cent to his name, just a $4000 computer system. This was a turning point for Tone Loke, who lost everything through gaming addiction.   The World Health Organisation (WHO) […]

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Injury: The silent killer of Australian youth athletes

By Adamo De Nigris Mosese Fotuaika (Left) took his life in 2013 after tearing a pectoral muscle. Hayden Butler (Right) took his life in 2015, after injuring his ankle. Both athletes were 20 years old. Photos taken by Getty Images. For many Australian youths, the dream of playing professional sport is one they have cherished […]