MDIA2003_19 Society Wed11.30 (2019)

Dissociative Identity Disorder Online– Heroes in Disguise

One body, thirty personalities, sat in front of a camera, with a lot to show. Through the internet, individuals are dismantling misconceptions of Dissociative Identity Disorder whilst educating the community about it. Eyelids drooping, voice softening, body rocking back and forth… If you did not know better, you would have thought this girl is falling […]

MDIA2003_19 MDIA2003_19_P1 Society

“Gaysians” in Crisis

by Annabelle Cheung and Maria Ekarista Reading fanfictions about your favourite gay ships, following queer-friendly accounts on Tumblr…  To certain young queers, this is the largest extent to which they can embrace their identity – through an online persona. Although Australia is more progressive than much of the world in recognising LGBTQI+ rights, that does […]