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“A big graveyard of bicycles”: bike sharing in Sydney

Bike sharing in Sydney is a controversial phenomenon, with some vocal residents calling for a total ban on share bikes. Critics argue that they are an eyesore and plague busy areas with dumped bicycles. “I neither use ride sharing nor do I mind its presence in our city,” says Jonathan Moallem, a 20-year-old Computer Science […]

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A “halfway house” for policy: the role of the think tanks in Australian democracy

By: David Brockwell z5162724 Think tanks have been described as “withering”, “corrupted” and “mysterious” organisations in a “shadowy world” of faceless political influence. But those who work at some of Australia’s most influential think tanks think otherwise.   During a global summit of think tanks in 2015, one participant called them “self-appointed know-it-alls without a […]