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O-bike or No bike? Public thoughts on bike sharing

SURVEY: What are your opinions on bike sharing?     For the last few months, Sydney streets have been littered with abandoned bikes. This has come as a result of the rising popularity of share bikes, a predominantly free service in which riders lock and unlock bikes via mobile phone application and use them to […]

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By Maggie Hill Almost 40% of Australian jobs are likely to be automated by the year 2025, according to a report by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA). And contrary to popular belief; factory workers aren’t the only ones who will be suffering the consequences. So, what does this mean for the everyday […]

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Dr Susanne Schmeidl: A Life of Atonement

By Maggie Hill and Shannon Graddon In the way that Germany renounced its dark history to become a key figure in international peacemaking, Allgoi born Dr Susanne Schmeidl has carried the memory of her Grandfather, a Nazi Commandant of an occupied city in France, from Mexico to Afghanistan. In redefining her personal identity, Susanne like […]