MDIA2003_19 Media Technology Wed9.00 (2019)

Government’s next call of duty – subsidising the Australian games industry.

Video games are played by 70% of Australians and are worth $3 billion to the economy, so why has the government refused to subsidise the industry? Representatives for the games industry have become fed up with the lack of government support and have pointed to the generous subsidies provided to the film and television industries.  […]


The family of Afghan refugees giving Australia a fair go

“I’m never interested in being seen as solely a victim of circumstance and identity. That’s quite boring and fairly disempowering.” – Yassmin Abdel-Magied  Since their arrival in Australia, Marzay and his sister Nabila Sarwary have overcome discrimination and language barriers in Australia to build their dream careers from the ground up. Marzay Sarwary’s journey has […]