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Fake It ‘Till You Make It: The Consumer Paradox within the Booming Replica Luxury Marketplace

It accounts for $450 billion AUD global industry, yet the freedom for budget-conscious millennials to score the latest designer ‘it’ piece does not evoke thoughts of an insidious market underbelly; one deeply embroiled in organized crime, money laundering and the exploitation of human rights. Welcome to the underworld of replica luxury products, where the demand […]


The Monstera: Creating Monsters in the Houseplant Industry

In the new Internet plant economy, one plant has opened a market of corruption and posed us with one question; Is the Monstera a beautiful houseplant, or catalyst of corruption? The Monstera Deliciosa and its equally popular siblings, Monstera Obliqua and Monstera Adansonii, are the Kardashian’s of the plant world. Much like Kim, Khloe and […]

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David Meets Goliath: the Blurring of Intellectual Property Within the Fashion World

As ‘fast fashion’ takes a stronghold as one of the world’s most profitable industries, creativity has subsequently diluted and this has left independent designers feeling that they have been unjustly treated. It has been dubbed the ‘Zara Effect’: retail giants exercising an intense hyper-acceleration of the design process which sees looks emulated from the catwalk […]