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Your say: Is your privacy too much to pay for national security?

The Turnbull Government’s has unveiled its plans to roll out new legislation, along with a $294 million package to boost security at Australia’s airports. New police powers will allow officers to ask any traveller for proof of identity. Under current laws, police can only ask for proof of identity if they suspect a person has […]

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Public Transport Off Track

By Katelyn Wood   For many Australians, the daily commute on public transport is a simple and even mundane component of their daily routine. However, for the one in five Australians living with a disability, accessing public transport can be, at times, an impossible task.   For the majority of train users, there are two […]

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Terry O’Connell – “Change is not possible in your own comfort zone”

It has been 18 years since Terry O’Connell left the police force, yet his fight for real justice continues. By Katelyn Wood Hidden away in the mountain ranges of New South Wales is Terry O’Connell’s family home. It’s peaceful and warm, much like Terry himself. A Churchill Fellow and recipient of an Order of Australia, […]