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Have you no shame for shaming women?: The new safe access zone bill plans to put an end to harassment outside abortion clinics

In a move to protect women from harassment and pro-life campaigners, a bill is to be put to the upper house of Parliament to create a 150-metre safe zone around all abortion clinics. Kirsty Gan, 25, is a laywer from Camperdown, Sydney. “It seems to me that being able to access health clinics that provide […]

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Becoming Pomara Fifth: giving back through drag

By Sarah Carroll and Madeleine Thomas Spectrum, Sydney Morning Herald  Indigenous, gay, cancer-survivor, bullying victim, drag queen: Brad Kennedy seems to tick the boxes of someone many would consider to be marginalized.But, sitting in the dimly lit Diva Bar at Stonewall Hotel, wearing a sequined jumpsuit and a voluminous black wig, Brad’s alter ego, Pomara Fifth, […]