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Driverless cars expected to be on Australian roads soon.

What are your thoughts on driverless cars? Brian, 59, Winston Hills, Hairdresser I think they’re a really great concept. Driverless cars have a lot of benefits which are vital for our future. I think things like conserving energy and working towards a cleaner environment is something that’s being taken into consideration here. Tony, 70, Baulkham […]

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Women still “second fiddle” to men in Australian professional sport.

As the modern world evolves, young girls are encouraged to take any career path they desire. However, professional sport remains reserved for men, where a woman still cannot sustain a sufficient income as a full-time professional athlete in Australia.  By Natalie Akle | May 2018 | UNSW When professional netballer for the NSW Swifts, Maddy […]

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From high school dropout to art educator

By Emily Van Arendonk and Natalie Akle | March 2018 | Intended for the UNSW Publication/Frankie Magazine Sitting with a smile Naomi McCarthy is the picture of an artist, blonde curls swirling brazenly around her delicate face with no hint of tire after her busy seven-hour Saturday. The mother-of-two takes her time out of her […]