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Sydney Hip-Hop Receives a Bad Rap

As the hip-hop sub-culture continues to fade in Sydney, it’s the female rappers and singers that suffer the consequences. Nic Savage “The only reason she gets played on Triple J is because she fucked for plays.” “She must have sucked off the judge. Atrocity.” These are comments Sarah Connor received within 48 hours of winning […]

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International Students’ Struggle with Racial Discrimination

Cindy Yu Abuse remains a common occurrence for international students in Sydney-based universities, some fearing for their safety and wellbeing. Jessie Liu, a Chinese International student, is walking on campus to her next economics class. As she stops to check where her class is, she suddenly feels a gush of water being poured onto her […]

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Lost (Opportunity in) Paradise

Nic Savage “Australia is famous for having impure MDMA… People don’t realise if you take pills wrong, you can die.” In September of last year, the ACT Government approved the inclusion of a free pill-testing trial at the Spilt Milk festival in Canberra. However, three weeks later, the festival organisers pulled out of the trial, […]