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Invisible Designs: Are Railways Deaf Friendly?

An investigation into the use of hearing augmentation systems in NSW Trains sheds light on the transport industry.  By Claudia Chiu and Odilia Chan You always saw this sign on the newer trains while commuting, but have you ever wondered what it meant? This sign is used to indicate that an audio frequency induction loop […]

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Veganism is the key to become strong

The strongest animals in the world are plant-eater. Bison, Elephant, Hippopot and me!  By Nanda Lakhwani, Iain Salvador, and Claudia Chiu Stanislav, personal trainer based in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. (Image supplied) Most mornings, Russian-born personal trainer Stanislav Veniaminov wakes up at 5:30am and heads to Bondi beach where he trains most of his clients. After […]

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Helicopter Parents “Land” in Hong Kong

By Chan Wing Tung A three-year-old kid sits in a car seat with his dad holding the steering wheel as the child’s mother proudly films this scenario on the streets of Hong Kong. Another “helicopter mother” threatens to jump from a Kowloon building after her daughter’s application to a Hong Kong university is rejected. A […]