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Vrooming towards the ‘pole position’: Redback racing

by Sameera Pillai A group of students have turned their hand to manufacturing and driving race cars, now they talk to us about the thrills and spills of emulating F1-style motorsports.  An assortment of university students, wearing black and red t-shirts, stand huddled together in front of a track, cheering for a team member who speeds past […]

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‘Mumble rap’: The word on the streets of hip-hop

by Sameera Pillai and Alex Molchanoff By taking on the ‘skip-hop’ culture of Aussie rap, Lanstan went viral, now he talks to us about his inspiration and merging music styles in the digital age. ‘Holden Commie got it locked down’, ‘Call up my boy he’s a tradie’ and ‘Going on a Maccas run’ are some […]