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Over the last decade the New South Wales prison population has surged by 35%, prisoners on remand have doubled. Is the increase in the number of people with disabilities in prisons a sign the current policies for dealing with disadvantage are wrong? STEPHEN HILL reports.   The lack of adequate disability support services is driving […]


O-No Bikes that litter the pavement

By Sarah Muller Sub-edited by Stephen Hill   Sydney’s inner-city councils have slammed share bike operators for problems “plaguing” the city, claiming the industry has failed to meet its safety guideless in the first year of operation. In particular public outrage has been directed at operators that have allowed for share bikes to be jettisoned […]

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Confronting Visions

CONFRONTING VISIONS 1196 words   According to Andres Serrano the depiction of the world is meant to be an uncomfortable sacrament, just don’t call this artist provocateur a photographer, reports STEPHEN HILL     Having depicted everything from morgue bodies, the Klu Klux Klan to a crucifix in urine, veteran visual artist Andre Serrano has […]