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Sydney Youth for Abortion Safe Access Zones

We took to the streets of Sydney to find out what local youth thought about the bill proposing safe access zones around Australian abortion clinics.    “Being able to access health clinics that provide important services related to sexual health care without being harassed, intimidated or threatened is incredibly important. Although I understand that some […]

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A Sydneysider Ramadan

by Sarah Carroll How do Muslim Sydneysiders navigate their biggest religious celebration among the demands of family, work, and life in a multicultural society? From May 15 to June 14 this year, Muslims across the world will celebrate Ramadan, Islam’s sacred month of fasting and prayer. With Greater Sydney’s population being 5.3% Islamic according to […]

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One hundred years on, how much further do female lawyers have to go?

  By Madeleine Thomas Australia is striving for greater gender equality in all sectors, but the legal industry is still struggling to close the pay gap and put women in high places. This year marks the centenary of the Women’s Legal Status Act of 1918, and while numbers of female solicitors in our community are […]