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Street artists struggle with Sydney’s stingy walls

Members of a leading women’s street art collective talk about the significance of street art to the Sydney community and the issues that continue to stifle young talent. By Iain Salvador With a few flourishes of spray paint, an artist in nondescript blue overalls makes her mark on a black wall in a pub. Once […]

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The Life of Princess and Prince -SUBEDIT

From listening to Mozart in the womb to producing little polyglots – these Hong Kong parents will go to any length to mould the perfect prince or princess. Overbearing parents controlling their “prince” and “princess” behaviour in the city seems to be stamped in Hong Kong’s DNA. Tiger parents have adopted the phrase, “win at […]

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When it comes to muscle building – science is still working it out

By Nanda Lakhwani, Claudia Chiu and Iain Salvador Meat, not plants, builds muscle — or so the argument goes. Ask your friends what they think of vegan bodybuilders, and it’s likely they will bring up the same questions: where do they get their protein? What do they eat? Are they getting enough protein? The bottom […]