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One person’s trash is everyone’s treasure

SARAH MULLER Picture this: wearing an outfit made from plastic drink bottles, while walking around your house that was partly made from broken glass and old smart phones. While it may seem like a far-fetched scenario, technologies that treat our trash as treasure have gained more support in the wake of Australia’s current ‘recycling crisis’. […]

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Autoimmune disorders: Delving into the Unknown

By DANA PENDRICK To see your child living happily and in good health is every parent’s dream. But for mother-of-two Fiona Wadeson, every parent’s nightmare became reality after her daughter Kyla was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease at the age of three. “The teachers rang me at work from preschool to say she had […]

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Share bikes: Can Australians be trusted with nice things?

By Sarah Muller With bikes in trees, tossed into rivers, mangled into unrecognisable shapes, and dangled from lampposts, it has been an eventful first year for Sydney’s colourful share bikes. For some Sydneysiders, the “dockless” bikes are a convenient environmentally-friendly transport option. For many others, vandalism, “dumping” of bikes in inconvenient locations and theft has […]