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Autism and technology: paving a brighter future by Camilla Theakstone

Autism is an increasingly prevalent mental condition that is characterised by deficits in social interaction, forming relationships with other people and using language and abstract concepts.   It is traditionally diagnosed in early childhood as that is the time that symptoms start to appear.   The condition is also on the rise in Australia.   […]

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Production Project 1 by Camilla Theakstone and Maya Skidmore

COLLABORATIVE PROFILE PIECE – publication: SBS Online Left: Local fruits reminiscent of her home in Iran. Right: Mehravar “Mazee” Marzbani surrounded by her traditional furniture from her home in Iran.   Why refugees turn to crime: a migrant’s story  Mehravar “Nazee” Marzbani is a psychologist and national social planner from Iran, who holds a passion for […]