What’s mine is yours: Sydneysiders have their say on the share bike boom

In 2018, lone yellow bicycles began to decorate our streets, nature strips, parking spaces, and, in many a bizarre case, the ponds and rivers of suburbia. The share-bike phenomenon has arrived in Australia – but what do our locals really think of it? Lara Galea, 40, Mascot I’ve seen them around and I think they’re […]

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LESS IS MORE IN 2018: How today’s fashion enthusiasts are reducing their ethical footprint in style

“Buy less, choose well,” is what esteemed designer Vivienne Westwood once said. It seems that today, in a tenuous ethical and environmental fashion climate, and bolstered by a social media culture where any trend can blow up in minutes, people are taking her words to heart. The capsule wardrobe, first coined in the 1970’s and […]

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Defying the odds: Maria Gallo’s story

Hannah Yang & Alexandra Thompson For publication in The Wentworth Courier: Maria’s in-laws own a duo of popular restaurants in Elizabeth Street, Paddington (Cipri Italian and Barbetta Cucina). Her and her sister, Rose, are well known in the area. In 2003, 26-year-old childcare worker, Maria Gallo, woke from a 17-day coma, after being run over […]