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Settling in: The Refugee Experience

A young Syrian refugee with a love for poetry, and an Australian who established a co-op to help refugees settle in to Sydney. These are their stories.  By Janelle Taouk Part I: A Syrian Refugee’s Perspective  Around seven years ago, Sarina Mouzenian believed that she was going to die. Sitting in a Café in Aleppo […]

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Bookstagram: A Platform encouraging Diversity

Bookstagram is igniting political conversations about the need for greater representation in books, one page at a time.  By Jakob Andreasen Vanshika Prusty is a voice amongst the crowd. “Avid readers are strange, and quite particular, in the sense that we are all unique in our reading taste. Yet, we come together for one thing: […]

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The Activist Trend: should we leave it to the professionals?

Activism is all the rage and social consciousness is the requisite.  In an age that values online activism, indifference is practically fashion suicide. From politically-motivated Instagram snaps and TED Talks, to working with NGOs and visiting refugee camps, online blogger culture has tapped into activism, eager to promote positive change. Fuelled by technology that keeps us […]