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Are you ready to let go of the wheel?

With the increasing number of driverless cars both entering the market and causing unmanned accidents, society remains conflicted on the future of the motor vehicle transport. Ben, 19-year-old Green Keeper from Parramatta: (They’re) “pretty dangerous I reckon, cause there’s no one in there haha.” Steven, 62-year-old Technical Officer at UNSW (Former Uber Driver) from Bondi:          […]

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Finsta: The new era of cyberbullying

While many Australian schools are trying to combat cyberbullying through firewalls, a new online playground for bullies has emerged from the restrictions, fake Instagram accounts. By Kate Quinn – Z5114887 After the shock suicide of 14-year-old Northern Territories girl Dolly Everett, schools across Australia have started to implement stricter social media rules during the school […]

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The road to #enough

By Rizna Mutmainah z5142434 and Kate Quinn z5114887 Striding into the cafe with her cream-coloured clothes, Gucci shoes, pixie haircut and a smile, businesswoman Suzy Jacobs hopes to make a change. Her eyes light up as she shares her ambitions of starting a new feminist movement and hashtag called #Enough. The November project is in collaboration […]