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Driverless Cars take the Wheel

Phoebe Anderson z5116842 Has our obsession with progression taken a step to far? Driverless cars are the newest example of technology taking over, where everyday actions are replaced with the power of technology. No longer does man need to sit in the driver’s seat, science is taking the wheel. So far there have been mixed […]

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When less became more

Phoebe Anderson z5116842  Every woman can relate to having nothing to wear, despite having a well-stocked closet. What if that was no longer true? In turn, every wardrobe was a careful curation of style and high-quality pieces. No longer will an item sit unused alongside identical items and some with the price tag still on. […]

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Ellie’s Short Row to Success

Phoebe Anderson z5116842 and Olivia Seller z5115661   Ellie’s Short Row to Success When you first meet Ellie Larnach, you may think she’s your typical twenty-year-old student; hitting the books and going out with her friends. Although partly true, Ellie is a determined athlete who has achieved a successful breakthrough in surfboat rowing, pushing her […]