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Ugly Animals: Stepping Back into the Spotlight

12 May 2018 By Helen Huang We all love the cute, cuddly and majestic. Even more so if they’re endangered animals. But what about the not so aesthetically gifted? It seems we’re leaving these poor animals behind, both being under-researched and ignored for conservation efforts. The blobfish became a global sensation in 2013, championing ‘ugly’ […]

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Katy B Plummer: fearsome feminist takes on Willoughby Incinerator Artspace

By Tina Wu and Helen Huang Artist, mother, educator: Northern Beaches local Katy B Plummer isn’t afraid to show some teeth in her multimedia video installations. Having recently exhibited at the Willoughby Incinerator Artspace, Katy talks about her struggles as a woman in society and how she has decided to hit back – literally. “Violent” […]