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“We Can No Longer Ignore the Reality of What is Present Within the Australian Hip Hop Scene”

By Cindy Yu “I went from having a really good year in 2014, started to make a small kind of gain to winning awards and initiatives, which then exposed me to what can only be described as online harassment within a 48-hour period of winning that award.” Sarah Connor, an Australian hip hop artist, was […]

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Chinese University Students’ Struggle with Racial Discrimination

Chinese University Students’ Struggle with Racial Discrimination By Cindy Yu   Jessie Liu, a Chinese International student, is walking on campus to her next economics class. As she stops to check where her class is, she suddenly feels a gush of water being poured onto her head. Surprised, she searches around to see where it […]

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The Threatening Victim

By Cindy Yu Chinese international students express frustration of having to take up the double role of the victim from racial discrimination and the threat to Australian Universities. Since the middle of last year, Chinese international students have been the target of racial discrimination in schools and universities. Insulting incidents such as racist flyers towards […]