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#BringBackOurShow: The power of viral Internet outrage

After popular show Brooklyn 99 was cancelled and renewed in the space of 31 hours last weekend, we asked Sydneysiders what they felt during the debacle and what other TV show they wished could be brought back from the dead. BY LUBNA SHERIEFF Paromita Haque, 20, Glenfield said: “I had a meltdown. It’s one of […]

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Ramadan: the fasting, the feasting, the reflection

BY LUBNA SHERIEFF Exchange students, politicians, poets and converted mothers – Australian Muslims have no uniform face but one celebration unites them every year: Ramadan. With a myriad of experiences, today’s Muslims find ways to thread the practices of Ramadan through the demands of their everyday life and find meaning within them.     A […]

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Not just the newsletter guy: A Sydney artist’s double life

BY EMMA SOWTER AND LUBNA SHERIEFF     Though he has created over sixty plays, performances and dance works featured across Australia, won the Woodford Poetry Slam in 2011, qualified for the Australian Nimbin Poetry World Cup in 2011 and 2012, and released three EPs of storytelling, spoken word and music, most only recognise Tom […]