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Immigration: Your Say on 40 Million

With government reports estimating Australia’s population will rise to 40 million by 2050, almost twice the current population, opinions on immigration are at a soaring high. It’s time to ask: What do Australians really think about our ‘boundless space to share?’ “I mean, it’s hard to talk about these things today. But I think the […]

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Islamophobia: “It’s time to look at Muslim men as well.”

While media coverage on Islamophobia has been extensive, this hasn’t always meant equality for all. The one-sided coverage represents Muslim women: the hijab, the burqa and the niqab. For many Muslim men, their outwardly visible faith and common backlash often go unnoticed, leaving half a religion left behind in the debate.   By: Nazla Sajed […]

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“Humans are hard-wired to think that men are more important.”

Vice-President of the Australian Society of Legal Philosophy, UNSW Scientia Professor Prue Vines, talks about women’s inequality, pulling power levers and changing the world (oh, and how she used taekwondo to save her life).   By Reena Mukherjee and Nazla Sajed   In a tiny office tucked away on the second floor of the UNSW […]