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Shear cruelty

By Venice Warner The deaths of 2400 sheep during live exports to the Middle East due to shocking conditions including overcrowding and lack of food and water, has divided public opinion over whether live exports should be banned.   Nicole Binet, 50, a model from Balgowlah, said: “The export of live sheep should be banned, […]

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The sound of silence

By Venice Warner Live music once thrived in Australia, but there are now few live music venues left. They are constantly closing due to real estate values, lockout laws, and changing audience tastes. Venue closures make it hard for musicians to get their songs out to audiences, resulting in them distributing music online or even […]

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Dominique Elissa Faludi on how Instagram set off her modelling career and the challenges she has faced along the way

Famous models like Kate Moss, Elle Macpherson and Gisele Bündchen were scouted off the streets or approached modelling agencies themselves with the dream of gracing the covers of magazines or strutting the catwalk. But this is no longer the case. Now it is more likely for models like 22-year old beauty – Dominique Elissa Faludi […]