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Why the Royal Commission into financial institutions happened according to everyday Australians

The Royal Commission into financial institutions has caused a frenzy amongst the Australian public. The news of the possible corruption of the big banks and financial institutions has created a worry amongst ordinary Australians. Many of these people have expressed their genuine concern in regards to why the situation reached the level of severity of […]

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Who actually thinks about think tanks?

Word Cloud of Australian Think Tanks     Australia‚Äôs political systems are constantly changing and growing in the new media age with many people providing their own opinions online. So, are think tanks still important in Australian policy making and political thinking?   Think tanks are private institutions that build a bridge between academic thinking […]

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To whoever said the youth today don’t work hard

FOR PUBLICATION: UNSW DIGITAL JOURNALISM ONLINE MAGAZINE By Lana Ryu and Angela Chui Lily Wu The classic image of a university student. Sleep deprived, broke, tired, young person who is always wearing a hoodie. Sitting upright and wide-awake on a Friday morning, UNSW Business School undergraduate student Lily Wu defies these beliefs as the leader […]