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Driverless Cars: Will They Make A Positive Change?

Driverless cars are the new pieces of technology set to impress the world with their abilities. With reliable computer-automated responses to situations on the road, driverless cars aim to eradicate car accidents completely. However, how do ordinary drivers feel about the changes these new technologies will definitely make? Kevin Chen, aged 16, Campsie “[In driverless […]

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Social Media & Schools: Are NSW High Schools Effectively Resolving Cyber-bullying?

As the world of social media continues to develop and more teens turn to such communicative platforms for entertainment purposes, more and more incidents of cyber-bullying surface. Thus begins the problem-solving debates. Is the simple banning of social media devices in schools enough, or should more intricate strategies be put in place to tackle the […]

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The Story of Her Mind

When Veronica O’Mara started blogging about her experiences with mental health a year ago, she never imagined that her words would reach thousands, let alone have the impact that they do today. At only twenty-one years old, O’Mara is already taking a stance on mental health within the Sydney community and has created a platform […]