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Women reclaim their bodies, 150 metres at a time

The importance of freedom of speech has been a key message of anti-abortion campaigners, however, Camperdown lawyer Kirsty Gan notes it’s important to consider the differences in Australia’s laws compared to America.   “I think it’s important to recall that Australia doesn’t have a US-style positive right to say whatever you like. Rather, the constitutional […]

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Fatal Attraction: Why are young Aussie women obsessed with true crime?

By Abby Butler    Hold your keys between your fingers, fake a phone call, avoid wearing heels – all are tips and tricks that young women have used to feel safe when walking alone at night. But for many, putting in a pair of earphones and tuning into a podcast detailing the graphic and gruesome […]

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Making Her Mark: The Life of an Aussie, Arab Advocate

Abby Butler and Paddy Jow It’s almost easy to miss Amna Karra-Hassan as she walks down a Strathfield shopping strip. Dressed in jeans and thongs, her hair wrapped in a beige hijab, it isn’t until the self-described “Aussie Arab Muslim” begins to speak that you realise why she has been named as one of Western […]