Tax cuts surprisingly unpopular in recent budget announcement

By Demi Ball The recent announcement of the Federal Budget by the Australian government has caused an upstir of mixed reactions. Eighteen-year-old student Niamh Craw, who is from Avalon, believes that the budget offers both positive and negative parts. “The budget is a fairly decent one considering it’s supposed to reduce Australia’s debt over the […]

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Redress Scheme to come into effect following Report on child abuse

By Demi Ball When the Royal Commission released its final report into institutionalised child sexual abuse, over 8000 victims came forward to share their stories. And now, a new National Redress Scheme will be introduced to make sure their experiences are never repeated. Faye* was in her early teens when she was sexually abused by […]

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Artist Angela Tiatia making waves with personal art

By Demi Ball and April Maung When Samoan artist Angela Tiatia broke a forbidden cultural taboo, the reactions were mixed. She had revealed her malu, a traditional female tattoo, in an artwork entitled ‘Walking the Wall’. “It’s quite subversive to, and forbidden, to show that in public…especially (in) the traditional community, it’s considered a really […]